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When water has been introduced to a structure like your home or business and proper drying techniques have not been done or ignored it becomes a recipe for Mold.  Building materials contain the food source for mold to thrive when the structure becomes wet. Mold can produce Allergens and irritations that have the potential to lead to other health risk.   There are many ways that people say can take care of a mold issue.   Many people say Bleach will kill mold.   That is true if mixed properly and applied on non-porous items such as glass, mirrors, bathtubs ect.   Most building materials are porous and will require specialized remediation and in some cases controlled removal or demolition.  We at AquaSpores will make the process the least invasive as possible and ensure a neat clean sight when we are finished with the remediation process.


When you choose AquaSpores for your mold remediation needs, the first thing you will receive is one of our certified mold remediation Technicians at your residence, office or building.  He/she will help in determining the cause of the microbial growth, a plan of action to fix the issue and a plan of action for cleanup.  Our experts at AquaSpores will do a preliminary inspection and create a plan of action.  We will answer any questions that you may have.


 One of the first things the AquaSpores mold remediation technician will do is to ensure that you have identified the water or humidity problem causing the mold and that it has been eliminated. As mold requires a food source, water and /or humidity to grow, removing the source of these mold catalysts ensures both that the current mold problem will be fixed, and also that future mold problems will not originate from this same source.


The next step in the mold remediation process is to remove the microbial growth and also remove any water or moisture in water-damaged areas.  At AquaSpores we use our training and experience and sophisticated equipment to complete these task.

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